Kauai is the oldest island, called The Garden Island for its lush tropical vegetation. This island is more laid back than Maui or The Big Island and is spectacularly beautiful. Snorkeling wasn’t very good, however, the sheer beauty of the island more than makes up for that. Without any natural predators, roosters roam the island and are the de facto mascot of the island. I stayed on the southern part of the island in Poipu and would recommend staying in Princeville (northside of island) or perhaps on the eastside of the island near Wailua.

The Na Pali Coast (north east side of island) will be one of the highlights of visiting Kauai.

The Na Pali Coast from a boat tour - the picture doesn’t do it justice

The Na Pali coast has jagged mountains which rise up over 4,000 feet above the ocean. This sight is so overwhelming you’ll struggle to process what you see.

Waimea Canyon (west central part of island) - The Grand Canyon of the Pacific, as it was called.

Hanalei Pier

This is on the North Side of the island, near Princeville. You can see the beautiful Na Pali mountains in the distance. Again, pictures don’t do The Na Pali coast justice. You can have lunch on the pier, jump into the ocean, or relax on the beach.

1 Hotel Hanalei Bay

This place has been bought and sold several times. It used to be The St Regis Princeville, The Princeville Resort (and perhaps other names) - it’s a 5 star resort in Princeville, Kauai. If it’s open, it’s worth visiting as it has spectacular views. We did a day pass and really enjoyed the pools and the views. This resort is simply amazing, in the distance is The Na Pali coast which is breathtaking.

Smith's Fern Grotto Tour - tour launches from the east side of the island.

This boat tour on the river was a pleasant surprise - not something I would have elected to do if the in-laws wouldn’t have been with us. It was a relaxing tour with music, a calming live narration, and visited an interesting location.

Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa - Poipu (southside)

We went to the Grand Hyatt to grab breakfast a few times. It's a very tranquil place. We would have done a day pass (resort pass) if we didn’t do a resort pass at the Princeville Resort.

Kilauea Lighthouse (northeast side of island)


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